SSHAuthFailError(All authentication methods failed)

This indicates a username or password failure. First check to make sure there are not transposed letters in your password. Is that an upper case eye 'I' or is that a lower case ell 'l', etc.

remarkable password failure

If you still are unable to connect, try connecting with your operating system's tools. For example, open a terminal and run:

ssh root@<your_ip_address>
Enter yes if it prompts if it wants you to connect.
Enter your password when requested (typing is invisible).
If successful, you will be connected to your reMarkable.
Enter exit to exit.

terminal success

Failed host lookup

Validate your ip address is correct.

No route to host

Validate your ip address is correct.

SocketException: Connection timed out

Give your reMarkable a second to start up, or ensure you don't have a firewall blocking traffic etc.